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Digital Exhibitions

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The CFA Media Mixer Showcase
The CFA Media Mixer started in 2012 as a way to open up CFA’s vault of archival footage to artists working in media, and to support the creation of new video work by pairing visual and sound artists. At the heart of the Media Mixer is a desire to give CFA’s archival collections new life through the creative interpretation of contemporary artists.
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Designed to be Seen: Art and Function in Chicago Mid-Century Film
This digital exhibition, developed in 2018 as part of the Terra Foundation for American Art’s city-wide Art Design Chicago initiative, explores the interconnected histories of artistic and commercial filmmaking in the city of Chicago from the mid-century through the 1970s.
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Howard Alk: A Life on the Edge
As part of Chicago Film Archive’s initiative to shed light on the unheralded filmmakers from the Midwest, CFA produced a first-ever retrospective of the life, work, and times of the late Chicago filmmaker, Howard Alk. His story lies embedded in the spirited Chicago documentary film community that was percolating in the ’50s and shifted into full throttle during the ’60s and ’70s.
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Midwest Stories: Gordon Parks
Gordon Parks’ artistic vision is so broad and multifaceted that it can be difficult to categorize. His technical innovations in photography are numerous, to the extent that many of the aesthetic flourishes we see today can be traced back to Parks. Likewise, his films – both the more studio-driven, mainstream fare, as well as his compelling documentary work – have been remarkably influential.
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