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Chicago Is!

April 22, 2005 at 7pm

A screening of 16mm films from the Chicago Film Archives collection that uncovers various representations of space, race, power, and politics in the city of Chicago. Ranging from rarely screened political documentaries such as the Chicago Film Group’s Urban Crisis: Cicero March to Tenement, a moving portrait of the residents of a South Side tenement building, this sampling of films explores Chicago’s fascinating history of representing itself on film.

Total running time: 95 minutes.

Chicago Is . . .

date unknown, 15m
Produced by the Illinois Office of Tourism and the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau, this publicity film invites travelers to explore one of the world’s most fascinating cities.

1967, 40m
An incredibly moving and compassionate portrait of the residents of a South Side tenement building and their daily struggles. Structured around a series of interviews with tenement dwellers on the wake of their eviction, Tenement takes a hard look at the effects of racism and poverty on the lives of the building’s residents. Produced by CBS News films.

Urban Crisis Part 3: Law and Order vs. Dissent
1969, 12m
Part of the “Urban Crisis” series of political documentaries made by the Chicago Film Group in the late 1960’s, Law and Order vs. Dissent documents press and police conferences held in the wake of the 1968 Democratic National Convention protests, and a clash between crowds of protestors and the City of Chicago police. Camera by Mike Gray, sound by Chuck Olin.

Just As I Am
1983, 21m
Filmed at the Pacific Garden Mission on State Street in Chicago, this beautiful and poignant film documents the lives and stories of four men who have taken refuge at the mission. Apparently intended for use by the Chicago police department’s “human relations awareness training” program, Just As I Am allows the men to speak freely about their lives and individual struggles to overcome addition, poverty, and life on the street.

Urban Crisis Part 7: Cicero March
1967, 7m
A chilling and incredibly powerful document of the September 1966 civil rights march through the suburb of Cicero. Produced by the Chicago Film Group, camera by Mike Shea, sound by Mike Gray.

**Programming and notes by Michelle Puetz


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