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CFA Film Sale 2016!

February 5 - March 30, 2016


We are hosting our second CFA film sale to make way for new collections – Friday, February 5th (10AM-4PM) and Saturday, February 6th (10AM-1PM). Tell your film loving friends and family! Great found footage for film students and media artists! You can call beforehand to take claim on a title or two, or just come to Suite #610 on the days of the sale. We can ship as well (all shipping charges handled by customer).

Below you will find a web link to the list of films for sale. We have listed titles, gauge, length (in feet), as well as notes on color fading and sound. We cannot confirm the exact condition of the reels beyond what is listed below (so purchase at your own risk! or if possible, feel free to stop by to examine the conditions yourself).

Many items in the sale are typical of what you would’ve found in a public library circulating film collection; short animations, education programs, and a handful of feature films and series. If you are looking for more information on the titles, please consult databases such as imdb or WorldCat.

Please note that 3 of the 4 series (AMERICA, ROOTS, and SIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII) on our list are presumed color faded. We looked at the first reel of each series to determine the fading of prints, so there’s a small chance that all episodes may not be faded (emphasis on *small*). The opposite goes for the FAT ALBERT series, whose first episode appears to be in great shape. If you are interested in purchasing a series, please contact us before the sale to reserve this purchase.
The film sale will be ongoing through March 2016. Give us a call, email us, or stop by the office during business hours to claim titles. Keep an eye out for another weekend sale day in March as well!


Chicago Film Archives’s Office
329 W. 18th St., Suite #610
Chicago, IL 60616, go to map
Phone: (312) 243-1808
Parking: Free public parking on Stewart St. (across the street from our building) or in the lot off the east side of Stewart looking towards the Loop. 1 hour guest parking in the garage level of our building off of 18th Street.
Public Transit: Red line to Cermak/Chinatown


Friday February 5th: 10am-4pm
Saturday February 6th: 10am-1pm
2/9-3/30: 10am-4pm, Monday-Friday


$5/faded film
$10/film in good condition
$15/Disney film
$100/ROOTS series (presumed faded)
$100/AMERICA series (presumed faded)
$100/ SIX WIVES OF HENRY VIII series (presumed faded)
$200/FAT ALBERT series.


Follow the link! –




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