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Body + Camera 2019: The Un/Certain Body

January 26, 2019 from 11am-5pm

still image from Life and Film (Larry Janiak in collaboration with Robert Stiegler and Jeffrey Pasco, 1965)

CFA has programmed a selection of films from our collections that will screen as part of Mana Contemporary’s Body + Camera festival. CFA’s program and a complete list of events is available here.

In partnership with Chicago Dancemakers Forum and Montom Arts, Body + Camera presents a broad spectrum of contemporary work in experimental, dance, and performance film, and includes special thematic screenings. This dynamic forum celebrates the intersection between the moving body and the moving image, focusing on risk-taking and independent artists, and featuring contemporary experimental projects that stretch mediums to their edge.

2018’s submissions, which span more than 25 countries of origin, convey an uncertain mood; underlying many of them are dilemmas around the context, purpose, and boundaries of the human form. These works illuminate some of the ways in which we struggle to understand corporeal existence in the context of a fluctuating world shaped by mercurial technologies, political absurdity, and grave environmental shifts. It is from within and without the boundaries of this complex reality that this year’s event finds its sentiment and title: The Un/Certain Body.

Featuring more than forty short films by emerging and established artists from around the world, Body + Camera will travel to Mana Contemporary Miami and Chicago later this year.


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