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AMIA Conference 2017

November 30 - December 2, 2017


CFA’s Nancy Watrous and Brian Belak head south to New Orleans, Louisiana for the Association of Moving Image Archivists annual conference. Brian will present on Friday, December 1, on the “Woman Behind the Camera: Uncovering An Overlooked Perspective” panel, alongside archivists from Northeast Historic Film, the Lesbian Home Movie Project, and the Center for Home Movies. The panel will discuss the process and challenges encountered while undertaking our Council on Library and Information Resources grant-funded digitization project, with CFA’s focus on the work of Millie Goldsholl and JoAnn Elam.

CFA is able to attend the conference thanks to a grant from The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation (thank you!!).

Friday, December 1, 2017
9:30 AM

The Woman Behind the Camera: Uncovering an Overlooked Perspective

Come see some women-made films and discuss some of the challenges that arise when digitizing home movies and amateur film in the modern digital age. “The Woman Behind the Camera: Home Movies and Amateur Film by Women,” is a CLIR-funded project which will digitize, catalogue, and make accessible collections of women-made films that highlight the rich and varied experiences of women in the 20th Century. By integrating these collections with the Center for Home Movies “Home Movie Registry,” the project extends its reach without having to create a brand-new platform. Archivists from Northeast Historic Film, Chicago Film Archives, Lesbian Home Movie Project, and the Center for Home Movies will discuss the importance of this project and some of the challenges encountered, including issues of permission and exposure in LGBTQ home movies, navigation of sensitive topics/images in home movie and amateur film, and determining true authorship of home movie collections.

Chair(s) and Speakers

Karin Carlson, Northeast Historic Film
Brian Belak, Chicago Film Archives
Sharon Thompson, Lesbian Home Movie Project
Kate Dollenmayer,The Center for Home Movies


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