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A Glimpse of Chicago Film Archives

December 10, 2004 at 7pm

Chicago Film Archives is a new organization that has spent the better part of this year organizing its first acquisition, the 16mm films that once resided at the Chicago Public Library. The Collection of 5,000 titles spans eight decades of American and international film history, and is composed of nearly all genres. Six films have been chosen for this program to provide Chicago audiences a first glimpse of CFA.

As CFA grows, we expect to encompass a broad spectrum of professional films, amateur films and home movies from the Midwest. We will keep these films alive by providing accessibility for programming, research and further documentation of our region’s unique history and character.

Programming and notes by Nancy Watrous. Many thanks to Charles Tepperman, Michelle Puetz, Lyndsay Walsh, and Theresa Scandiffio for their continual work with CFA.

This Project is partially supported by a Community Arts Assistance Program grant from the City of Chicago.

American Shoeshine
by Sparky Greene, 1976, 29 minutes, b&w, 16mm, sound
American Shoeshine, a film about teh shoeshine trade, was nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Short Documentary” in 1976. Greene doesn’t get in the way of his subjects, allowing the stories to stand on their own.

by Andre and Jacques Leduc, 1981, 6 minutes, color, 16mm, sound
All of life’s information can be found in a single cell…or kernel of popcorn.

by Julien Bryan, 1930, 10 minutes, b&w, 16mm, sound
Bryan was an American documentary cameraman who entered Warsaw in September of 1939 as Hitler’s troops began their siege of the city. Following in the tradition of early documentaries, he records the devastation of Warsaw and its people.

The New World of Stainless Steel
by Republic Steel, 1960, 15 minutes, color, 16mm, sound
A wonderful example of the promotional/industrial film genre that flourished with the creation of 16mm film guage. The New World of Stainless Steel provides an introduction to the wonders of stainless steel in all of its various forms and applications.

High Lonesome Sound
by John Cohen, 1963, 30 minutes, b&w, 16mm, sound
Cohen’s documentary on the origins of country bluegrass music is a stunningly beautiful and dignified film that recalls the photographic work of Robert Frank.

The Santa Claus Suit
by Martin Steven, 1953, 12 minutes, color, 16mm, sound



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