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August 6, 2013

Do you know these Garfield Ridge residents?

On September 12th, we will premiere the 16mm restoration print of 8 FLAGS FOR 99 CENTS in the south-west Chicago neighborhood it was shot in. The film (made in 1970 by Mike Gray Associates, Chuck Olin & Joel Katz) asks Garfield Ridge residents of their opinions on the Vietnam War. The filmmakers went to this particular neighborhood expecting pro-war & government slogans, but what they found was quite the opposite – thoughtful, nuanced, and distressed analyses of the war. We’re currently trying to identify the many residents interviewed in the film and *hoping* that some may be able to join us at next month’s screening at The Garfield Ridge Library.

Father Leonard Dubi

We already have Father Leonard Dubi on board! He appears in 8 FLAGS and will be on hand at the screening to discuss the film.

Below you will find frame grabs of the numerous Garfield Ridge residents interviewed in 8 FLAGS FOR 99 CENTS. If you (your friends, family or neighbors) recognize any of these faces, feel free to let us know via email ( or telephone (312-243-1808) – please be sure to list the number of the photo along with a name. And if your time & energy allows, you can also help us out by spreading the word of our 8 FLAGS identification quest… we’d really appreciate it! And now to the many faces of 8 FLAGS FOR 99 CENTS (tip: click on the images for a larger view):

UPDATE – August 13, 2013: a few faces have been identified thanks to the Clear-Ridge Historical Society! We’ve added the names or notes near the appropriate photos. We’re still looking for names and (if possible) any contact information for the following Garfield Ridge residents…









5. identified as Mike Lucas – still looking for contact info and/or relatives




7. identified as Larry Daniels, Jack Lake and Dennis Kowalick - still looking for contact info and/or relatives


8. identified as Jack Lake – still looking for contact info and/or relatives




















18. daughter of Mr. Maciusz, owner of Southwest Hardware – name is unknown








22. identified as Tom Gibbons - still looking for contact info and/or relatives








26. custodian at JF Kennedy High School – name is unknown


27. (left to right) identified as John Kurtovich and Paul Aubin


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    this is just a test

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