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Consider having your 16mm, Super 8mm, or 8mm family films digitized at CFA as a gift this holiday season. All proceeds support CFA's nonprofit mission to preserve Midwestern film!
Peoria Community Fund
CFA is happy to to share that we have been awarded a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation to photochemically preserve three 35mm nitrate films from our Charles E. Krosse Collection.
Still from Confrontation
CFA is happy to announce that we have received a Preservation Grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation for the photochemical preservation of two films from the Maurice Bailen Collection, The City (ca. 1961) and Confrontation (ca. 1968).
Chicago Film Archives is excited to announce that a complete 35mm print of lost silent feature film The First Degree (1923) has been rediscovered in our collection. There are no known surviving elements from the film held by other archives, and it is included on the Lost U.S. Silent Feature Films 1912-1929 list maintained by the Library of Congress.
Much of 2019 was spent preparing a much larger vault space with a dedicated enhanced cooling system and mobile compact shelving which will more than double our storage capacity for CFA's films and for future collections.
This collection is comprised of unique films that reflect the artistry of photographer/filmmaker Helen Balfour Morrison and choreographer/dancer Sybil Shearer.
Click on Explore Collections to search, browse and view our films.
We’re thrilled to have made a new 2K scan of this rarely-seen 35mm print. Read more about the behind the scenes work done at CFA here!
Chicago Film Archives is a recipient of the 2016 MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions!
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Chicago Film Archives is a regional film archive dedicated to identifying, collecting, preserving and providing access to films that represent the Midwest. Our purpose is to serve institutions and filmmakers of this region and elsewhere by establishing a repository for institutional and private film collections; serve a variety of cultural, academic and artistic communities by making the films available locally, nationally, and internationally for exhibition, research, and production; and serve our culture by restoring and preserving films that are rare or not in existence elsewhere.

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Uncovering New Stories Through the NEH CARES Grant — In June 2020, CFA received generous support from an NEH CARES grant, designed to help us delve into our collections and make more stories and films accessible to the public. During this exceptionally difficult time, we were tasked with finding new ways to work with our collections amidst lockdowns, staggered schedules, and Zoom meet-ups due to COVID-19. Learn more.