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DeSoto Commercial "New Car"

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-1814
Run Time
0h 1m 41s
Date Produced
circa 1957
In what appears to be a film element for a commercial without sound or titles, party-goers admire a DeSoto Adventurer convertible (introduced in 1957).
The film begins with a fade-in on a door that reads "Delivery Suite. Fathers please wait in hall until called." The film then cuts to a close up of a newborn baby's head being wiped with a towel. The film cuts to a shot of an empty white room containing only a car covered in a fitted tarp. A man in a suit and a party hat tip-toes up to the car, lifting an edge of the cover to reveal the model's "Adventurer" logo and waving three more partiers over, all in formal wear with party hats. Together, the four throw off the cover and are delighted by the sleek, white convertible underneath. They admire the design while one of the women climbs into the front seat. She then removes her skirt to reveal a bathing suit, and is lifted atop the car's hood by the two men. She poses with her arms stretched forward as the other three applaud. A miniature version of the Adventurer then pulls up next to the full-sized car, driven by a young girl. Also in a bathing suit, the young girl exits the automobile and climbs on the hood, imitating the woman's pose. The woman on the full-sized car puts her hands on her hips and looks ambivalently at the young girl.
Main Credits
Chrysler (corporate name)