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Chicago - Cold Siege Grips Midwest CH-1 Vol. 15 Issue #8

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-1262
Run Time
0h 5m 25s
Date Produced
January 10 1962
News outtakes filmed around Chicago on January 10, 1962—the coldest day of the year, when the temperature dipped to -12° Farenheit.
View northwest across the North Branch of the Chicago River, looking towards the Grand Avenue bridge. Steam fog swirls on the surface of the partially-frozen river as cars pass above. Brief shaky view of Wallace Press, Inc. building.

Cold-looking pedestrians pass in front of LaSalle National Bank and hurry over a bridge in the Loop. As night begins to fall, passengers line up to board the route 158 bus.

In a residential part of the city, two men warm their hands over a metal barrel. Another shovels snow off of his buried car near Mango Ave. Shot of a Tastee-Freez storefront. A bundled-up and unhappy-looking woman slowly walks past a Pok-A-Dot Beauty Salon. A man at a newspaper stand warms his hands over a smoking barrel while puffing a cigarette. A Chicago police officer blows his whistle and directs traffic in front of a Walgreens drug store. An ice-covered car is towed past a Sears department store by an S & L Towing Services truck. A #80 trolley bus travels past an Andes Candies shop on Irving Park Road on the city's north side. Shots of smoke stacks, snow-covered cars, and a small white church. A man breaks up a snow pile with a shovel in front of a Purex Corp. Ltd. sales office.
Main Credits
Koza, Frank (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Chicago (depicts)