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1958-01-21: Blizzard Hits Chicago Illinois

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-1044
Run Time
0h 5m 18s
Date Produced
Outtakes from a news broadcast capturing a major snowstorm in 1958, which seems to have hit Chicago particularly hard.
The footage begins with close ups of cars covered in thick layers of snow. Cars and pedestrians are captured trying to make their way through the snow and slush covered streets. An outdoor sign at Chicago American shows the time as 1:42 in the afternoon, with a temperature of 32 degrees. 
This sequence is followed by scenes of people shoveling snow in front of their homes. A “Danger No Swimming Not Patrolled Sign” is shown somewhere near the lakefront. Despite the sign, a man can be seen swimming in the snow- and ice-covered lake, wearing only a swimsuit. He is depicted speaking on camera (perhaps to the reporter) for a few seconds.
The film ends with footage of children playing in the snow, and Chicagoans diligently shoveling snow away from their driveways and cars, despite the ongoing snow fall. 
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