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Red Poppy

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Video Identifier: V.2011-05-0465
Run Time
0h 11m 8s
"The Red Poppy" is a Soviet-era propaganda ballet originally choreographed in three acts by Lev Laschiline and Vasily Tikhomirov, set to music by Reinhold Glière and premiered on June 14, 1927 in Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre (then the "1st People's State Theatre for Opera and Ballet"). A one-act version was brought to the United States in 1943 by the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo (staged by Igor Schwezoff).

This video appears to represent a (double) practice clothes rehearsal of a pas de deux from the ballet, date and company unknown.  
The video begins with a shot of a stage, where a couple enters and begins a pas de deux. The dance is long, passionate, and tortured. The male partner gives the female a flower (perhaps a red poppy?) as a symbol of their love. Eventually, the male partner exits and leaves the female partner kneeling alone with the flower. She then breaks character and the video cuts to static. 

When the video returns, it offers a tighter shot of the stage, where the pas de deux is rehearsed again, from a closer vantage point. When it is complete once again, the video ends.  
Additional Credit
Glière, Reinhold (is composer)
Lashchiline, Lev (is choreographer)
Tikhomirov, Vasily (is choreographer)