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Balinese Cremation [1928, Bali]

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Film Identifier: F.2011-05-0063
Run Time
0h 3m 55s
Date Produced
This film does not include any dance; instead, it serves as a partial record of a cremation ceremony in Bali. This includes a parade of people wearing elaborate headdresses as well as a few very tall monuments.
The film begins with two ELSs, setting the scene for a cremation in Bali.  Tall monuments are being moved into place, and many people are milling about.  Next, it includes a CU of the detail work on decor for the ceremony and then a LS of a procession of individuals with tall and complex headdresses.  

The film then cuts frequently between following the body to be cremated approach its destination, onlookers, and further ceremonial preparations.  The body is ushered through the crowd and up a tall tower of some sort; it is then lowered down to the pyre, which is adorned with what appears to be a dragon's head.  The camera captures the body being burned from the side, and goes on to capture other nearby buildings, presumably with a related significance, before returning to the pyre.

At the end of the film, the camera captures what appears to be a tribute fire at night.  After a few moments with that ELS, the film ends.
Related Place
Bali (production location of)