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1938: Yellowstone National Park Tour; Fields Landing Whaling Station

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Film Identifier: F.
Run Time
0h 8m 57s
Date Produced
Silent home movie featuring the Finnegans’ travels in Yellowstone National Park and a whaling station in northern California.
Most of this film consists of views of Yellowstone National Park, probably in the mid to late 1940s. Mrs. Finnegan and a girl of about 6 years old – possibly a grandchild – are in some of the scenes. 

The film includes a geyser erupting (probably Old Faithful), waterfalls, a blurred sign possibly marking Potts Basin, the Roosevelt Arch (the north entrance to Yellowstone), wildlife including black bears and deer, Norris Geyser Basin, brief glimpses of historic yellow tour buses.

Mrs. Finnegan and the child visit the Fields Landing Whaling Station, near Eureka California, and look at a large black whale on the pavement. A billboard advertises this place as the only whaling station in the US (operations at this whaling station closed in 1951 due to a fire). 

The final scene is an outdoor gathering at unknown location, but the young girl is present in this scene and a man who may be Mr. Finnegan places an apple on a seated man’s head and pretends to shoot it.
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