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Village, The

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Film Identifier: F.2006-03-0004
Run Time
0h 26m 55s
Date Produced
Documentary film: The village of Dunquin and the offshore Blasket Islands were once a secluded preserve of traditional Irish life. Now the dole is replacing earnings from the land; commercial trawlers have destroyed the fishing; families are broken when young people emigrate. This film documents the changing culture as it appeared in the Summer of 1967; no scenes were staged; the camera's influence is a part of what is observed. There is no commentary, the interpretation of events is deliberately left to the viewer.

The Village was probably the first film to be completed in the style that quickly became known as Observational Cinema. In 2008 Hockings returned to the same Irish village, Dunquin, with a film crew from Irish television, and made two more films about the contemporary state of the village, one in Gaelic and the other (Village Ghosts) in English. Great change had occurred in the village as a result of M-G-M choosing to film Ryan's Daughter there (1970). 

After The Village had been in distribution for 50 years, the distributor, DER, brought out a newly remastered edition in 2017.
00:00 - VS people talking, drinking in busy pub, CU violinist playing upbeat Irish song 03:41 - MS people gathering to watch violinist play, men and young boys smoking cigarettes 05:00 - MS couples dancing to violin performance, CU onlookers, MS drunk people exiting bar, singing 05:57 - MLS people kneeling for prayer in grass, MLS SA interior church, priest leads small congregation in Gaelic prayer, RA people outside church doors following in prayer 07:04 - VO man tells story of cursed men in the churches history over scenes of stone remains in the countryside and the priest giving communion, MS people leaving church 10:54 - MS men drinking, talking at pub bar, daytime 12:23 - MS marching band in kilts w/ bagpipes, followed by men in Navy uniforms, LS crowds line around harbor, MS towns folk flipping boats, LS men in rowboats racing in water, CU crowd 14:33 - MS men boarding rowboat, MLS removing suit jackets and shirts, PAN crowd 15:40 - MS passengers in back of car talking 16:22 - MS crowd reactions, MLS boat race ends, crowd cheers, VO man talking about dying culture, MS crowd meets racers as they exit boats, FA MS, LS crowd walking carrying boats back to storage, MS men under boat tying it down, MLS interior church, MS man in cemetery cutting grass w/ machete, MLS women talking, laughing in kitchen, family at dinner table, MS woman kneading bread 20:27-21:43 - MS family sitting in grass admiring view of water, credits
Additional Credit
Hall, Mike (sound)
Hockings, Paul (sound)
Prisadsky, Alex (sound)
Young, Colin (is contributor)
Related Place
Ireland (production location of)