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Chicago & North Western Railway Co. “Great Train Robbery"

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Film Identifier: F.2010-01-0098
Run Time
0h 13m 20s
Date Produced
A sponsored film made by the Goldsholl Associates for the Chicago & North Western Railway Company. Through a mix of live-action and animation, this PSA attempts to persuade viewers of the negative effects of a potential merger among Union Pacific, Southern Pacific & Rock Island Railroad. The film begins by illustrating the history of the United State's railroads and the economics or industry created from these new tracks. It then touches on railroads competition (trucks, barges, planes), the lack of government subsidies to railroad systems and the positive and negative attributes of railroad mergers. The remainder of the film is dedicated to convincing viewers that the Union Pacific, Southern Pacific & Rock Island Railroad merger is not in the public interest, as it would result in a lack of maintenance, reduce local lines as well as create less frequent runs, a scarcity of specialty cars and facilities.
Main Credit
Chicago Northwestern Transportation Company CNW (corporate name)
Goldsholl, Millie (is director)
Goldsholl, Millie (is animator)
Boyer, Wayne (is animator)
Janiak, Larry (is animator)
Freese, Thomas (is animator)
Goldsholl Design & Film Associates (is producer)
Goldsholl Design & Film Associates (is production company)
Additional Credit
Boyer, Wayne (is contributor)
Freese, Thomas (is contributor)
Goldsholl, Millie (is writer)
Janiak, Larry (is contributor)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)