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Hibernation Trigger: The Blood-Borne "Trigger" for Natural Mammalian Hibernation

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0132
Run Time
0h 32m 33s
Date Produced
WARNING: contains scenes of animal testing
Educational film that explores science and medicine through cinematography microphotography and medical photography. Hibernation Trigger: The Blood-Borne "Trigger" for Natural Mammalian Hibernation shows step-by-step experimental studies, or animal testing, of hibernation with chipmunks and woodchucks. Doctors take blood samples, perform operations, and induce hibernation to study and film these animals and their bodily functions in states of activity versus hibernation. Made possible by a grant from the National Heart and Lung Institute, Department of Health Education and Welfare.
00:00 - "Hibernation Trigger: The Blood-Borne "Trigger" for Natural mammalian Hibernation" PAN RIGHT MS snow covered landscape of trees, Var CU ice formations 00:29 - LS exterior building, MS man at desk with stack of books on hibernation, CU binding of books with titles, he picks one up and begins flipping through 00:55 - Caption card reads "Natural Mammalian Hibernation" Blood samples are taken from chipmunks and woodchucks and tested in states of activity and in hibernation. 00:58 - CU two chipmunks in cotton padded cage with bowl of seeds on wall, ZOOM IN one sleeps curled up, the other wakes and moves toward food, CU sleeping chipmunk in cage, CU hand holding and turning sleeping chipmunk in fetal position 01:48 - CU tele-thermometer, with syringes, tweezers, scissors, test tubes in a row, HA laying chipmunk on tiny operating table, chipmunk is unconscious on its back with arms and legs strapped down, surgeon cuts incision vertically up chipmunk's belly, ECU moving organs inside chipmunk, doctor pierces an organ and inserts a needle to take a blood sample, puts sample into a test tube 2:59 - CU chipmunk curled up, CU SA doctor taking blood sample from chest of another chipmunk tied to a table 3:40 - CU back of sleeping woodchuck, MS SA woodchuck moving drowsily tied to table on its back, doctor takes blood sample from chest, puts blood sample into test tube 5:23 - CU hand opening cage to inside, woodchuck lies sleeping, gloved hands mark on a chart in lower corner of screen 5:33 - CU test tubes filled with blood labeled, hibernation, arousal, and active, CU hands holding arousal and hibernation blood side by side rolling tube in comparison, MCU taking a sample of blood with swab, inserts tube into a centrifuge, machine spins, hand removes sample tube, takes a portion of the liquid and puts it into another test tube, moves that tube to another machine 7:16 - Caption card reads "Method for Inducing Hibernation" LA tree canopy, MS, CU purple flowers 7:45 - hand holding chipmunk near ground with dandy lions, squirming trying to get free 7:57 - CU hand holds test tubes in container, CU ZOOMS in lab, various tests of blood 8:19 - CU one doctor holds live chipmunk in gloved hand, another uses electric clippers to shave fur from tail and stomach of chipmunk, takes blood sample with needle, CU chipmunk breathing heavily, bandage on leg, doctor opens large metal door and takes chipmunk inside 9:34 - sign "July 19, 1971, Monday" with chipmunk in induced hibernation sleeping below, Var CU of chipmunk sleeping with mouth open, yawning, shaking, trying to get up with eyes closed, sleeping and nestling in fetal position, gasping for breath, waking up groggy 12:26 - Caption card reads "Infant Hibernation," CU infant hairless chipmunks nursing with mother, they now have hair with closed eyes, moving around on top of each other, eyes open, much larger, eating seeds 14:20 - sign "July 6, 1972" with chipmunk sleeping below, CU sleeping chipmunk with ruler below him, aerial CU baby chipmunk sleeping, squirming around 15:24 - baby chipmunk awake in hand, on ground, doctor lifts its head with a stick, chipmunk spins, urinates, breathing heavily 16:09 - Caption card reads "Woodchuck Hibernation," CU woodchuck eating carrot in cage 16:36 - sign "July 19 1971, Monday" sleeping woodchuck below, CU woodchuck in hibernation hooked up to a tele-thermometer machine, CU gauges, MS, CU woodchuck moving around in sleep, sits up groggy, falls back over, eyes open, shaking, spins around awake, gloved hand holds woodchuck, feeds it a carrot 20:21 - Caption card reads "Heart Hibernation," CU chipmunk hooked up to electrodes, CU EKG machine printing out heartbeats of animal in various states, taking hibernating heart beat, tweezers drop a beating heart into a glass of water, CU machine controls, CU pulsing heart hooked up to a machine, EKG results printing 22:24 - HA MLS river with trees lining its banks, CU yellow flower, PAN ZOOM OUT flowers, Montage of scenes of the hibernation experiment with chipmunks, credits
Additional Credit
Conneely, Margaret (is cinematographer)
Loyola University of Chicago (is contributor)
Loyola University of Chicago. Medical Center (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Randall, Walter C. (is participant)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)