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Adventures of Uncle Mistletoe - Episode #3, Pix + Trk Workprint

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Run Time
0h 10m 56s
Date Produced
Workprint for episode 3 of the 1952 season of The Adventures of Uncle Mistletoe, a fifteen minute children's TV show in which whimsical stories are told based on the activities of charming Uncle Mistletoe, a winged denizen of the North Pole who serves as Santa Claus' assistant.
In this episode, a panicked Molio runs to tell Uncle Mistletoe that Olio has been taken prisoner by an "enemy soldier" (Private Pepper). After Private Pepper leaves to look for Polly Doll, Olio is stung by a bee. Polly Doll stumbles upon the "injured" Olio, and expresses fear when he mentions Uncle Mistletoe. Private Pepper returns with a dress that he "captured from Uncle Mistletoe's fort," which delights Polly Doll. Private Pepper ties Olio to a tree, calling him their "evil enemy," when he starts telling them about what a wonderful seamstress Aunt Holly is. When Private Pepper leaves to find wood for a campfire, Olio convinces Polly Doll to let him take her to visit Aunt Holly, who he promises will make Polly Doll a special party dress in exchange for letting him free. Uncle Mistletoe tells Molio he must offer Private Pepper friendship instead of trying to fight him. The episode ends with Private Pepper approaching Cozy Cabin; the story continues in episode 4.
Main Credit
Marshall Field & Company (corporate name)
Kling Studios (is production company)
Niles, Fred A. (is producer)
Morgan, Edwin T. (is director)
Additional Credit
Bennett, Bill (music)
Savitt, David (camera)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Peeples, Cornelius J. (is actor)
Roessler, Elmira (is actor)
Weber, Bill (is performer)
Percy, Pat (is performer)
York, Helen (is performer)
Meekin, Ed (is performer)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)