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Tucson, AZ: Tanque Verde - Ranch & Hike

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0097
Run Time
0h 14m 13s
Date Produced
Edited footage providing an overview of Tanque Verde ranch and resort, located just east of Tucson, AZ. Includes many resort amenities, activities such as hiking and horseback riding, and the local landscape.
00:01 - Still on landscape, cactus in left frame. PAN RIGHT over larger view of desert, hills and cacti. 00:46 - Lawn of resort, two tourists walking down path to building. PAN RIGHT to follow them; MLA of man in cowboy hat, looking at bulletins on a wall; PAN horses in corral, rancher walking among them and leading one away. CU on horse’s face. 02:11 - LS tourists saddling up and leaving for a ride in the desert, rancher preps them and sends them off; Tourists on horses ride single file out of ranch and into desert out of frame left. ZOOM OUT to ELS HA of their progress. Var views of riding (towards frame right and left)among cacti and desert plants. 04:20 - Tourists break for pancake breakfast, var shots of staff serving food, tourists eating and horses resting as more riders arrive. 05:36 - Tourists resume their ride, heading to left frame. 06:04 - PAN of resort yard, var desert plants and shrubs; CU scorpion on man’s hand. MS tarantula on man; Hikers set out into mountains. Var scenes of their progress. PAN of landscape, hikers in MS. LS and MLS of same hikers as they walk among shrubs, cacti and grass. They take photos and rest, admiring the landscape. 09:13 - LS PAN pool with mountains in background. ZOOM OUT from mountains to see pool; TILT DOWN and PAN RIGHT from mountains to tennis court with two players. LS of court; Barren hills; PAN fishing lake. Green and tranquil, with ducks. Uneven ZOOM OUT. 10:57 - Indoor dining room. Diners in MS and MCU. 11:20 - Shot identifying Cottonwood cantina and var shots of woman baking rolls in outdoor stone oven. 12:16 - MS man in cowboy hat playing guitar outside; MS two blond teenage girls looking towards guitar player; Man grilling meat on a barbecue. ZOOM IN to CU on the meat and tongs as he grills; LS buffet of food as woman and boy serve themselves. 13:05 - PAN landscape at end of day, the plants in foreground backlit by yellow light; Dark. People sitting and eating by firelight. CU of bonfire. ZOOM OUT. 13:30 - 13:59 - Day again. PAN LEFT of landscape, broken by telephone lines. Tops of horse heads visible in bottom of frame. PAN DOWN slightly to horses, a rancher moving among them; PAN LEFT MS of resort yard to end on man in LS facing the camera and taking a photograph.
Main Credits
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credits
Behrend, Jack (is cinematographer)
Related Place
Tucson (production location of)