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Air show (WWI Planes Dogfight)

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0053
Run Time
0h 9m 1s
Date Produced
Unedited footage of WWI Planes Dogfight air show. Shots include vintage planes in hangars, taking off and landing, and in flight. Shots of the festival grounds include vintage cars, ambulances, tanks, and fire trucks. (Meant to be used for travel film never made; see footage of Inns)
00:00 - MLS sign on canopy “Albatros Werk” over vintage airplane 00:12 - FA vintage biplane in green arched hangar, yellow sign “Dawn Patrol” 00:20 - FA vintage plane and car in shadow under garage, ducks in middle ground, PAN RIGHT biplane under garage 00:47 - banner “Royal Aircraft Factory,” biplane in shadow under garage, PAN RIGHT “A.V. Roe & Co. Ltd.” and “Louis Bleriot” on banners over garage with red and yellow plane 01:02 - MS biplane with propellor under tarp, TILT UP sign “Fokker” 01:23 - SA MS man on tractor pulls Fokker triplane out of garage, MS SA camera follows plane being pulled 02:03 - Var SA MS man boarding Fokker triplane, waves to camera 02:22 - FA ZOOM IN CU front SA Fokker plane 02:51 - Var MS ZOOM IN CU man waving from vintage plane, wood frame, fabric wings 03:23 - LS Airshow, planes lined up, people walking around grounds, trees changing color in background behind field 03:37 - SA PAN with plane, two men in vintage dress walking with biplane, propeller running, stop to look at camera, they run with plane as it takes off 04:31 - LS plane taking off in flight, PAN LEFT as it passes 04:38 - LS plane landing, PAN RIGHT as it passes 04:50 - quick PAN RIGHT of crowd, airplanes on the lawn, vintage cars and ambulances, plane about to take off 05:15 - MS plane taking off in flight, PAN RIGHT as it passes 05:34 - LS plane taking off, PAN RIGHT, ambulance drives along runway, people running in field 05:55 - Var handheld LA biplanes flying in sky 06:35 - Var handheld MLS vintage army tanks and fire trucks driving around beneath planes in air, black smoke, people running around in vintage dress 07:05 - Var SA MS planes landing 07:20 - RA biplanes taking off 07:40 - SA LS triplane taking off, PAN, onlookers behind white fence 07:55 - LA planes high in air 08:05-09:01 - Var MS SA planes landing in field, ambulance drives through 08:34 -
Main Credits
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credit
Behrend, Jack (is contributor)
Behrend, Jack (is cinematographer)
Related Place
United States (production location of)