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Rhinebeck, NY: Rhinebeck Area

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0052
Run Time
0h 12m 37s
Date Produced
Unedited footage, features of Rhinebeck, New York. Shots include mountainous landscapes, historical buildings and Inns, The Culinary Institute of America campus, and the gravestone of Franklin Delano and Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.
00:00 - MLS yellow building with shutters, bell tower 00:22 - LS, ZOOM gray mansion, columns 01:03 - PAN RIGHT road and bridge through trees with leaves changing color in the fall 01:29 - LA ceiling TILT DOWN columns, camera is under a columned outdoor area, ELS view of forested mountains 03:24 - MS sign “Delameter House” ZOOM OUT, PAN RIGHT exterior Inn, painted white with red roof, carved wooden details around roof and porch 04:11 - Var moving shots of house and grounds, graveyard, ZOOM IN gravestones detail 05:41 -Var handheld PANS, ZOOM IN lake, mountains, speed boat in water, ZOOM IN ELS Inn [?] across lake 07:39 - PAN RIGHT MLS exterior large white house, trees 07:54 - MS, ZOOM OUT gravestone Franklin Delano and Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, flowers, trees in landscape 08:15 - overexposed exterior house 08:35 - ZOOM OUT The Culinary Institute of America campus, brick architecture with white detail, landscaping 08:53 - PAN LEFT mountain landscape, vineyard, pond, trees changing color 09:47 - LS ZOOM OUT ELS white and brown barn-shaped structure with many windows, tree covered landscape 10:37 - MS historical marker “Bogardus Land,” ZOOM OUT exterior brick building 11:01 - TS driving road lined with trees turning fall colors along water 11:19 - PAN LEFT mountain landscape 11:43-12:37 - Var LA shots highly adorned house on mountainside, PAN LEFT mountain landscape
Main Credits
Behrend, Jack (is director)
Additional Credits
Behrend, Jack (is cinematographer)
Related Place
Rhinebeck (production location of)