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Other World, The

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0147
Run Time
0h 19m 0s
Date Produced
“An exploration of the world of plant and animal life in a Canadian stream. Using underwater and microphotography film techniques, the camera follows some of these underwater life cycles and shows the interdependence of insect, fish and mammal life, which in turn are dependent upon the purity of the water” (National Film Board of Canada)
Main Credit
Low, Colin (is executive producer)
Bittman, Roman (is producer)
Overing, Claudia (is director)
Additional Credit
Chamberlain, Eric (is cinematographer)
Duplessis, Karl (music)
Overing, Claudia (is cinematographer)
Overing, Claudia (is editor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Flett, Sharry (is narrator)
McCready, Jenneth (is commentator)
Related Place
Canada (production location of)