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River (Planet Earth)

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0131
Run Time
0h 28m 0s
Date Produced
“River (Planet Earth) is a student's audio-visual presentation of a river system and the importance of water to humans, to his professor who hates to be bored. Both serious and humorous, the film shows how water sustains life, feeds industry, provides power and irrigates the land. It shows how water is inverted, dammed, used and expelled. It talks of pollution. The film demonstrates how water affects the economy, sociology and ecology of a country.” (National Film Board of Canada)
Main Credit
Low, Colin (is executive producer)
Environment Canada (is producer)
Daly, Tom (is producer)
Raymont, Peter (is director)
Additional Credit
Humble, Robert (is cinematographer)
Low, Ben (music)
Rankin, Ian (is editor)
Raymont, Peter (is editor)
Rubbo, Michael (is editor)