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Amazing Grace

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Film Identifier: F.2004-02-0011
Run Time
0h 21m 48s
Date Produced
Lutheran Television sponsored film about the Lutheran Church uses still imagery from photographs, artwork and manuscripts to detail the church’s missionary work around the world. Through narration and audio interviews the film discusses the mission of the church.
Most shots ZOOM IN and OUT and PAN across still imagery to create the illusion of movement. 00:00 - Narrator introduces Amazing Grace, illustrations of stars, world from space, montage of people from many cultural backgrounds, biblical imagery 00:46 - ZOOM IN from space to exterior church, interior stained glass windows, congregation 03:16 - stills of wooden cottage with small farm, congregations, people singing in the woods, stories of traveling pastors in history 05:21 - montage of troubled youth, crime, interview with troubled youth about church, two young men inside a juvenile detention center 06:28 - people in a soup kitchen, at a clothing drive 07:00 - girl reading to a woman in a home for the aged 07:17 - Pastors, missionary workers in a hospital 07:41 - people talking about Jesus in a group at a mental hospital, images of Jesus on the cross 08:33 - African American man mentoring a teenage girl 08:46 - Guatemala Mission school, pastor interacting with a classroom of young students 09:15 - Pastor riding in a boat outside of a poor village, giving medical help in a New Guinea children’s clinic, imagery of scriptures, discuss translating the meaning of love, village taking communion 11:07 - young children at a Taiwan outdoor Sunday School, adults singing, playing guitar 12:05 - Christian Arts and Communications Service, discuss using art forms of music, dance to express praise for Jesus, indigenous classical music plays 13:19 - Savior Lutheran School in Hong Kong, women performing dance 14:00 - images of people suffering from disease and hunger 14:19 - New Guinea Food Drop, Lutheran World Relief, plane landing delivering food to community 15:05 - community members learning farming, typing 15:32 - poor living conditions in Hong Kong, montage of schools, Mangkok Lutheran School for the Deaf Evening School, children singing “Jesus Loves Me”, Lutheran Rooftop School 16:46 - Cartoon “Christmas Is” from Lutheran TV, children from all nations holding hands singing inter-cut with children from across the world 18:07 - American Lutheran church congregation, montage review of locations of missionary work, ZOOM OUT illustration of earth and space
Main Credit
Lutheran Television Sponsor (corporate name)
Gordon Weisenborn Production, Inc. (is production company)
Additional Credit
Gordon Weisenborn Production, Inc. (is contributor)
Seymour, Ronald (is cinematographer)