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Boy Scout Camp 1954-55-56/ St. Tars Basketball

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0049
Run Time
0h 33m 20s
color and B&W
Date Produced
1953 - 1956
Amateur film covering Tar’s boy’s basketball intramural game. The teams are introduced in a opening ceremony, a marching band plays and cheerleaders cheer during half-time, and the boys receive trophies at an awards ceremony. The game is shot from multiple angles and there is footage of the cheering crowd.
00:00 - B&W film, VS interior basketball gym, boys play practice game with coach as referee 08:17 - CU hoop, practice dribbling past defense, RA, SA boys practice foul shots, dribble and pass, lay ups 11:10 - FSA boys enter gym, all teams in uniform in single file line, coaches lead their team with a flag with team name, line up each team single file in gym, HA pan of teams, boy scouts hold American flag and troop flag for Pledge of Allegiance[?], boys exit gym in single file, MS children in crowd 13:24 - teams huddle, cheerleaders cheer, teams warm up, game begins 21:37 - woman films the students with a handheld camera, game resumes 24:11 - boys take turns shooting free throws, game resumes 26:34 - MS cheerleaders perform during half-time, game resumes 28:38 - VS marching band performs, shots of children cheering and laughing in crowd 29:58 - game resumes, crowd claps and chants, cheerleaders on sidelines, MS people congratulate winning players 32:16-36:50 - color film, awards ceremony, woman reads out names, referee hands out trophies to players
Main Credits
Conneely, Margaret (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)