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College Freshman

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0034
Run Time
0h 20m 37s
Date Produced
A short film where the underdog gets the last laugh. A group of popular boys on a college campus pick on everyone, even the girls, but when a new student from out of town arrives he outsmarts them.
00:00 - A group of boys outside Dexter Hall are playing tricks on the passerby. Upstairs the dean is telling Professor Brown that a friend’s son will be rooming with him. The nerdy son, Ted Tully, arrives and is immediately targeted, ruining his introduction to Professor Brown. 04:33 - There is a dance that night and Tully needs to find a girl to go with him.The ringleader of the tricksters, Jimmy, is out with a girl and convinces her to go with Tully. Jimmy also tries to get Tully to wear Brown’s tux, but Tully discovers the plot and switches tuxedos around. 08:24 - At the dance, Jimmy tries to get Tully in trouble not knowing that the tuxedos had been switched. When Professor Brown arrives, Jimmy realizes he had been set up. 11:19 - More shenanigans follow, with other boys tormenting the girl who came with Tully to the dance and destroying Brown’s fur coat. Jimmy is fed up and plans to get even. 18:15 - 20:37 - Again, Tully learns of their plans and switches his bed with Brown’s. The boys end up beating Brown and throwing him into the pond as Tully rides off on his bike, triumphant.
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