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No Indians Please - Oysters and Muscles - Double Cross at Criss Cross - Dracula

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0029
Run Time
0h 33m 20s
Date Produced
1931 - 1948
Compiled reel that contains three short Castle Films starring Abbott and Costello and an excerpt from Dracula. No Indians Please involves a high speed chase after Costello insults an Indian tribe. In Osyters and Muscles, Costello can’t win the battle with his oyster soup, so is justifiably nervous when told to fight the Masked Marvel in a wrestling match. Double Cross at Criss Cross, an excerpt from The Wistful Widow at Wagon Gap, pits the duo against a gang of men terrorizing a town in Montana. Dracula condenses the classic story into a short 8 minute version.
00:00 - 8:24 - No Indians Please. Abbott and Costello arrive in a town where Indians are selling souveneirs. After shooting an arrow through a tent, Costello finds he is obligated to marry the woman inside. They flee, and the Indians follow on horseback. On the way they encounter a train, send a bed flying down the road, drive underwater and pick up a bear. In the end Costello checks into a sanitarium. 08:29 - 17:09 - Oysters and Muscles. Abbott and Costello are in a restaurant, where Costello battles a live oyster in his soup. On an unrelated note, the Masked Marvel wrestler is asked to help rig a match to win money for a school if he loses to Costello. Unfortunately, the Masked Marvel falls sick and Costello ends up fighting someone else. However, he wins in the end. 17:13 - 25:19 - Double Cross at Criss Cross. Abbott and Costello are travelling salesman who enter Wagon Gap. Warned that the only way to survive is to be tough, Costello ends up accidentally shooting a wanted criminal. He is made sheriff and told to confront the gang terrorizing the town. He enlists the women to help, and a large fight breaks out in the saloon. 25:22 - 33:36 - Dracula. Bela Lugosi stalks the streets of London as Dracula before attacking Nina in her bedroom. Her beau, John, grows alarmed at her odd behavior. John and Van Helsing find Dracula’s lair and kill him, saving Nina.
Castle Films
Main Credit
Universal Pictures Company (is production company)
Castle Films (is production company)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Abbott, Lou (is actor)
Costello, Bud (is actor)
Lugosi, Bela (is actor)
Related Place
United States (production location of)