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[1925 circa: Parade in Port Washington, Wisconsin]

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Run Time
0h 3m 49s
Date Produced
circa 1925
Amateur film documenting a parade in Port Washington, Wisconsin, shot circa 1925.
The film begins with footage of Rose Young Heidkamp and her daughter Mary leaving their home at 2125 Wilson Avenue in Chicago and getting into a car. They are shortly followed by Rose's husband Emil M. Heidkamp, founding President of the Bowmanville National Bank.

The scene then switches to a parade in Port Washington, Wisconsin, where Rose and Emil were born and raised. Elaborately decorated vehicles drive down an American-flag lined street. St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church (where Rose and Emil were married) can be seen in the background. The camera then switches angles and films the parade as it moves away from the filmmaker; a sign for Ford Motors hangs on one of the storefronts. It is not clear what the parade is celebrating (the only discernible float sign is for the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal organization and secret society).
Main Credits
Heidkamp, Herbert A. (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Heidkamp, Rose Young (is participant)
Heidkamp, Emil M. (is participant)
Related Places
Port Washington (depicts)
Chicago (depicts)