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[1929, '30, '36: Heidkamp Home Movie Canister A]

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Run Time
0h 12m 42s
Date Produced
1929 - 1936
Three separate Heidkamp home movies, from 1929, 1930, and 1936, each shot in Chicago.
The first film is from 1929 and depicts the business front of Watry & Heidkamp Opticians at 17 W Randolph Street in Chicago. An unidentified family friend is seen in close up. The next scene is at the home of Herbert & Mary Heidkamp, at 4533 Western Avenue in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood. Children Herb Jr. and Rosemary are seen in their First Communion garb. They play ring-around-the-rosy in a park with other children, and pose for the camera.

The next film is of a family picnic on July 4th, 1930, at the home of Emil & Rose Heidkamp at 2125 Wilson Avenue in Ravenswood.

The last film is from May 1st, 1936 at Queen of Angels church at 2300 Sunnyside Avenue in Chicago. Rosemary Heidkamp is May Queen at the Queen of the May Procession. Post-ceremony family footage with Rosemary, her mother, siblings, Grandma Rose Heidkamp, others.
Main Credits
Heidkamp, Herbert A. (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Cramer, Rosemary Heidkamp (is participant)
Heidkamp, Mary Toner (is participant)
Heidkamp, Herb Jr. (is participant)
Heidkamp, Rose Young (is participant)
Related Place
Chicago (depicts)