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1948-1949: LaVere, Merv & Michèle / Fall 1948 to April 1949 / Kent & Michèle, Hot Rod Races, Stryker's 1949 Winter outing, Michèle at one year

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Film Identifier: F.2017-03-0006
Run Time
0h 16m 11s
Date Produced
1948 - 1949
These home movies taken by Mervin LaRue Jr. feature a variety of domestic scenes of his young family—wife LaVere and their first child, Michèle, born April 3, 1948—in Chicago, before the family moved to Park Ridge, IL, in 1950. Baby Michèle can be seen playing with her parents, toys, and a blonde toddler boy in suspenders named Kent Yauch, the son of Bud Yauch (the man in the maroon shirt and tie) who was part of Mervin Jr.’s close friend group, known as the "Goons." The woman with curly brown hair shown interacting with Kent is his mother, Bud’s wife. Kent can be seen playing with a cigarette holder and lighter—objects which Michèle also remembers passing for toys during this era. The reel also includes action taken at the Hot Rod racecar track, including footage of multiple laps and crashes, and winter recreation at a cabin with other Goon families (including snowball fights, ice-skating, sledding, skiing and some falls). It concludes with footage of Michèle’s first birthday party and scenes of her in a high chair and in the car with both Mervin Jr. and LaVere.
Main Credits
LaRue, Mervin W., Jr. (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
LaRue, Michèle (is participant)
Yauch, Kent (is participant)
Yauch, Bud (is participant)
LaRue, Mervin W., Jr. (is participant)
LaRue, I. LaVere (Wellington) (is participant)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)