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1968 (circa): Virginia & Hamilton Farm Pt. I

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Film Identifier: F.2015-04-0007
Run Time
0h 4m 44s
Date Produced
circa 1968
The first part of this home movie was made at the Dockums' home in Langley, Virginia. Robert's sons, Todd and J.R., and their newborn sister, Leah are depicted in the footage. Later in the home movie, the boys ride ponies at their grandparents farm in Hamilton, Ohio, with Robert helping them. The movie was shot by Robert Dockum and his first wife, Joanne, on Super 8mm film.
The footage opens to a  bright suburban neighborhood. A young boy is seen embracing his mother before he runs through automn leaves to catch the school bus at the end of the drive; he is pictured waving back at the camera before departing. The following scene features a close up of a newborn in a well lit interior. The camera switches to a medium shot that captures baby Leah being embraced by her mother and grandmother. Once again outside, the camera depicts a serene neighborhood where the children are portrayed running and playing. The footage suffers a slight sprocket damage that creates a transition delay when switching to the final scene on Hamilton Farm, where the children can be seen riding ponies around throughout a sunny pasture.
Main Credits
Dockum, Robert R. (is filmmaker)
Related Places
Virginia (represents)
Ohio (represents)