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A Popular Person-Oddity: Broadway Farmer

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-0038
Run Time
0h 9m 48s
Date Produced
The film explores examples of artists and collectors through a series of five vignettes.
The film’s beginning segment tours a cottage in Kent, New York belonging to comedian Chic Johnson (of Olsen and Johnson) and Mrs. Johnson, as well as the adjoining Winter Garden Farm named after the Broadway theater.
H.G. Fields of Philadelphia shows off a shoe collection boasting more than 400 examples of “ill-fitting footwear” including designs made from silver, pewter, wood, and majolica.
Mrs. Mildred Canon of Eldred, Florida displays a multitude of seashells which she methodically fashions into novel figurines and toys. She reportedly knows the names of over 100 kinds of shells that she forges into her creations. 
H.H. Zietz, proprietor of the Buckhorn Exchange Steakhouse in Denver, Colorado, is known as the last surviving member of Buffalo Bill’s band of scouts. His taxidermy and gun collections total half a million dollars in insurance.
The concluding segment presents Ms. Hazel “Chick” Collier of Houston, Texas who handcrafts pin-ups that she supplies to GI troops. Through return correspondence, she has also amassed a collection of thank-you notes and requests for personal advice.
Additional Credit
Kelly, Frank (is writer)
Shaindlin, Jack (music)
Sweeney, James (is editor)
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