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Earthkeeping “Sodbusters”

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Film Identifier: F.2012-01-0036
Run Time
0h 29m 0s
In this episode of the Earthkeeping series, historical parallels are drawn between westward expansion and modern practices of industrialization. John Belushi, Harold Ramis, and Joe Flaherty appear throughout the episode in a sketch by Second City.
The historical approach taken in “Sodbusters” differentiates the episode from the others in Earthkeeping – the narrative draws a comparison between the pioneer mindset of westward expansion/Manifest Destiny and the sense of entitlement possessed by corporate developers in the twentieth century. How much have modern practices of resource exploitation changed since the days of John Jacob Astor and the American Fur Company?

On The Yesterday Show, Robert Trashman (John Belushi) stands up for the environment, squaring off against cowboy star Jack Crabbe (Joe Flaherty) and industrialist C. Steel Mills (Harold Ramis).
Main Credit
Beall, DeWitt (is producer)
Beall, DeWitt (is director)
WTTW (Television station) (is production company)
Additional Credit
Ayukawa, Kaz (is contributor)
Beall, DeWitt (is writer)
Clasky, Ron (is editor)
Diamant, Ralph (is contributor)
Gedwellas, Jim (is contributor)
Goldsholl Design & Film Associates (is contributor)
Langenberg, Cal (is cinematographer)
Lowenstein, Michael (is contributor)
Markle, Tom (is lighting director)
Nordberg, Rod (is editor)
Ross, Pepper (is contributor)
Samler, Steven (music)
Warder, Margery (is contributor)
Well, Rich (sound)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Belushi, John (is actor)
Fisher, Jim (is actor)
O'Flaherty, Joe (is actor)
Ramis, Harold (is actor)
Rasche, David (is actor)
Ross-Leming, Eugenie (is actor)
McDermand, Dave (is narrator)
Harrison, Gordon (is interviewee)
Commoner, Barry (is interviewee)
Travers, George (is interviewee)
Cruikshank, Mark (is interviewee)
Related Places
Chicago (production location of)
United States (depicts)