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Earthkeeping “Help Yourself”

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Film Identifier: F.2012-01-0033
Run Time
0h 29m 15s
This episode of the "Earthkeeping" series delves into behavioral concepts such as nature vs. nurture, and investigates the ways in which the environment shapes personal behavior. Several psychological questions are raised, such as the degree to which an individual may act independently of his/her environment. The work of professor Roger G. Barker, who spent 25+ years living in and studying a small Kansas town, is used as a case study for understanding how social etiquette is informed by different environments. This relationship is introduced as the “behavior setting”, and described as the “intersection of two environments: the physical and the social”. The “environment” in Oskaloosa is depicted as continuously in flux; it is constantly evolving depending on the actions of Oskaloosa’s citizens. Once again, the members of Second City provide interludes to the program by staging a parody game show. On “This Was Your Life”, the host (Jim Fisher) runs through some of the important chapters of Jesus Rodriguez’ (John Belushi) life. These events include the destruction of Jesus’ childhood home due to urban renewal developments and making various acquaintances with characters like Harry the Junkie (Harold Ramis). The selected events of Jesus’ life are presented as a snowball effect, leading Jesus to life on the streets with a $90/day dope habit, and eventually doing multiple stints in prison (convicted by “an all-white jury and an all-white judge”).
Main Credit
Beall, DeWitt (is producer)
Beall, DeWitt (is director)
WTTW (Television station) (is production company)
Additional Credit
Beall, DeWitt (is writer)
Bergman, Olaf (is contributor)
Boldt, Robert (is contributor)
Boyer, Wayne (is contributor)
Clasky, Ron (is editor)
Gedwellas, Jim (is contributor)
Goldsholl Design & Film Associates (is contributor)
Jones, Dewitt (is contributor)
Langenberg, Cal (is cinematographer)
Lowenstein, Michael (is contributor)
Markle, Tom (is lighting director)
Nordberg, Rod (is editor)
Ross, Pepper (is contributor)
Samler, Steven (music)
Warder, Margery (is contributor)
Well, Rich (sound)
Actors, Performers and Participants
McDermand, Dave (is narrator)
Suomi, Stephen (is interviewee)
Skinner, B.F. (is interviewee)
Barker, Roger G. (Roger Garlock), 1903-1990 (is interviewee)
Gump, Paul V. (is interviewee)
Gore, Bobby (is participant)
Belushi, John (is actor)
Fisher, Jim (is actor)
O'Flaherty, Joe (is actor)
Ramis, Harold (is actor)
Rasche, David (is actor)
Ross-Leming, Eugenie (is actor)
Related Places
Kansas (depicts)
Chicago (production location of)