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North American Van Lines “Y*R*S* Truly”

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Film Identifier: F.2010-01-0018
Run Time
0h 26m 10s
Date Produced
Sponsored film created by Goldsholl & Associates for North American Van Lines. The film introduces a proposal for reconfiguring the school year, changing the calendar to a 45 day-on, 15 day-off schedule. William H. Percy, then-Senior Senator from Illinois, is featured as an interviewee/proponent of the Year Round School system. Percy notes that the current school year schedule is modeled around an agricultural society, one in which the youths were required to take summers off in order to harvest crops. Percy suggests that the school year has failed to adapt to the industrialization of the United States. Participating institutions include Valley View School District #96 in Romeoville, Illinois and Highland Park High School in Highland Park, Illinois.
Additional Credit
Boyell, Dick (music)
Freese, Thomas (is contributor)
Frerck, Robert (is contributor)
Goldsholl, Morton (is contributor)
Goldsholl, Millie (is contributor)
Greenberg, Richard (is contributor)
Jessel, Paul (is contributor)
Knapp, Merton (is contributor)
Langdon, William (is contributor)
Mahoney, James (is contributor)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Percy, Charles H. (is participant)
Related Places
Virginia (production location of)
California (production location of)
Highland Park (production location of)
Romeoville (production location of)