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Milk, Butter and Cheese

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Film Identifier: F.2006-10-0109
Run Time
0h 1m 0s
Date Produced
Pro-protective tariff theater commercial sponsored by "The Crusaders on the Screen," most likely produced by the Jam Handy Organization for the Republican Party in 1936.
Footage of dairy farm, narrator speaking of America's 3 million dairy farmers who make their living selling products to American consumers. Over images of farmers milking cows and open fields, the narration continues to explain that the value of the farmers' output represents roughly 20 percent of all farm products. However, on January 1st of 1936, the government decided to cut the tariff on dairy products from Canada, thus creating a form of unfair competition against American dairy farms. Footage of trains bearing barrels of cheese and milk from Canada are shown, followed by an American farmer directly addressing the camera as he milks a cow, decrying the unfairness of the decision and stating that farmers should be protected from foreign imports.

Final shot features title card: ' "The Crusaders on the Screen" Film just shown paid for by The Crusaders - not sponsored in any way by this theatre.'
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