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["Official Spanish Civil War Pictures" Trailer]

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Film Identifier: F.2006-10-0100
Run Time
0h 0m 57s
Date Produced
circa 1936
Trailer for "Offical Spanish Civil War Pictures."
Over bombastic horns, black-and-white titles read "EXTRA ADDED!" then "The Most daring war pictures ever filmed 'OFFICIAL Spanish Civil War PICTURES' Actually taken at the battle front." 

Over black-and-white footage of Spanish soldiers in combat, an announcer declares, "This theater's bringing you motion pictures of the Spanish Civil War in all its horror and tragedy. It is an astounding group of authentic pictures, photographed at the risk of the cameramens' lives. You'll see the horrible aerial bombardments, the deadly fighting of Spanish boys and girls in hand-to-hand combat, the awful results of slaughter by hand grenades, artillary, and machine guns. All is presented in a way you'll never forget. They are truly the most sensational war pictures ever filmed."

Ends with an title that reads, "YOU will have to see these pictures to fully realize the horrors of this Civil War."
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