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First Degree, The

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Film Identifier: F.2006-10-0062
Run Time
0h 0m 0s
tinted and B&W
Date Produced
In this five-reel rural melodrama, Sam Purdy receives a summons to testify before a grand jury. Not realizing that the matter concerns sheep-stealing, he assumes it to concern the murder of his brother, Will. Conscience-stricken, Sam relates a long tale about how Will had framed him for bank robbery, then blackmailed him. Sam further confesses that he killed Will in a fight. However, the jury is sympathetic and refuses to indict Sam. The next witness is Will, very much alive, who is eventually convicted of both sheep-stealing and blackmail.
Main Credit
Sedgwick, Edward (is director)
Universal Pictures Company (is production company)
Additional Credit
Chester, George Randolph (is writer)
Kline, Benjamin (is cinematographer)
Patullo, George (is writer)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Mayo, Frank (is actor)
Breamer, Sylvia (is actor)
McCullough, Philo (is actor)
Williams, George A (is actor)
Carter, Harry (is actor)