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[Auto Racing]

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Film Identifier: F.2006-10-0029
Run Time
0h 11m 8s
Date Produced
Home movie or amateur footage of an auto race from inside the track. Footage includes shots of race car drivers in helmets posing in front of their cars, people talking, eating, sleeping and working on cars in the pit, and shots of the cars racing by on the track.
00:00 - Var MLS, MS race car drivers in their helmets pose in front of their numbered race cars 01:18 - MS man waves flags to start race, bleachers in background, MS winner pulls to side of track, pulled out of car, CU drinks a 7up 02:12 - LS PAN track, cars parked in center while others race around track, MLS, MS race cars driving past camera on track 05:38 - MS, ECU man sleeping on pile of tires, VS men talking and working on a car on side of track as cars race in background 07:35-11:08 - car gets back into race, MLS cars racing by camera, men sleep and eat in center of track, man waves white and checkered flag at finish line, cars continue around track, a few spin off track
Related Place
Peoria (production location of)