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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-1698
Run Time
0h 10m 19s
color and B&W
Date Produced
circa 1946

The Koza family celebrates Christmas and New Year's Eve circa 1946.


This home movie chronicles the Koza family’s winter holidays that begin with the unwrapping of gifts by the Christmas tree and proceeds to a family gathering around the dinner table. Frank Sr., Albina, Roland and Thomas Koza are all present at the table. Several extended family members present may include Grandma Mary Koza and Frank Sr.’s sisters Mary, Christina, and Anna as well as Anna’s husband Joseph Bily. The scene cuts to a New Year’s Eve celebration. Party hats appear, and empty bottles begin to accumulate upon the table. In what appears to be an imitation of Father Time, Frank Sr. circles the living room in a makeshift cape while a fur tail drapes from his mouth like a beard. Meanwhile, a man who may be Frank Sr.’s brother imitates Baby New Year, and while clad in only a bath towel/diaper, aims a stretched clothes hanger like a bow and arrow at Frank Sr. who retires to the floor. This act is followed by raucous dancing and balloon blowing. The film concludes as unidentified guests trade off squeezing together into a single cushioned seat.

Main Credits
Koza, Frank (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Koza, Frank Sr. (is participant)
Koza, Albina (is participant)
Koza, Thomas (is participant)
Koza, Roland (is participant)
Related Place
Cleveland (represents)