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Johnson at cornpicking contest - Chillicothe, Missouri 10/21/60

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-1696
Run Time
0h 14m 6s
Date Produced
October 21 1960
Then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson gives a speech at a fairgrounds in Chillicothe, Missouri campaigning for himself and John F. Kennedy for the 1960 Presidential Election. Additionally there is footage of farm equipment demonstrations.
Starts silent with a McCormick farm equipment demonstration for an audience at a fairgrounds in Chillicothe, Missouri. Then there is a piece of John Deere equipment with the signs "Be Sure to See Deere's Demonstration Area" and "See No. 40-45 and 95 Combines with Corn Attachment Operating." There is also footage of Tox-O-Wik, Lundell, and Ferguson equipment, with the Ferguson equipment being used in a cornfield as an audience watches.

There is a large sign for "Chillicothe, Mo. Jaycees" and a donkey being led around with a "Johnson for Vice President" sign. Then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson arrives and is greeted by a crowd. He shakes hands and then shucks some corn.

With sound, Johnson gives a campaign speech behind a podium with "Jaycees Chillicothe - MO. -" written on it. He gives his speech in a folksy manner, telling stories, jokes, and using farming analogies. He specifically tries to sway Republican Farmers to vote Democrat and plays up disagreements between his Republican opponents in the election, Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge.
Main Credits
Koza, Frank (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Johnson, Lyndon (is participant)
Related Place
Missouri (represents)