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Stewardesses Strike (North Central) Chicago 12-58

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-1281
Run Time
0h 2m 49s
Date Produced
Silent outtakes from news footage depicting stewardesses and mechanics going on strike, demanding fair wages. The event took place in North Central Chicago, 1958.
The footage begins by revealing streams of people filtering into the halls of a building, possibly after negotiations. This is followed by an extended shot of two stewardesses consoling one another; they seem visibly shaken. 

The next shot once again depicts stewardesses, management officials, and reporters flooding the same hall. The film then switches to an outdoor strike at the TWA terminal in the airport; two men are shown wearing sandwich boards with signs stating “Mechanics on Strike;" the demand for fair wages is can be seen in smaller print. An airplane is on the tarmac just behind them, and the camera follows a pilot disembarking from the plane, carrying his luggage.

This is followed by a brief interior shot of a terminal in the same airport; a woman behind the counter can be seen helping a customer purchase a ticket. The film reverts back to reveal more shots of the mechanics just outside the terminal, continuing their strike. 

The final sequence in the film depicts a few shots of the Capital Airlines terminal inside the airport. It is very crowded, and a sign that says “Capital Airlines Is on its way and we want your business!" is shown. Just outside the terminal a sign for Lake Central Airlines can be seen, along with its stewardess wearing glamorous uniforms indicative of the period. The last shot is of passengers boarding a Capital Airlines plane, which then takes off.
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