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La Porte, Indiana---Snow Scenes, Wind-driven snow---shots from Toll road, snow pics. 1-24-61

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-1259
Run Time
0h 2m 0s
Date Produced
Footage of La Porte, Indiana during a snowstorm, captured from downtown and residential sidewalks, as well as the passenger seat of a car. 
Begins with shots of storefronts in a business district in La Porte, Indiana — an insurance seller, a barber — enduring heavy snowfall and powerful winds, producing limited visibility. Very little fresh snow has accumulated, but the next shot shows a wide street, with cars parked in parking lanes on both sides, traffic conspicuously absent — nobody is outside. Motorists are then shown driving, haltingly, through blowing snow on streets covered with frozen slush. One shot includes a passenger making eye contact with the camera while their car is stopped at a red light turning green — the camera pans to follow them as they accelerate through the intersection. 

The next sequence includes shots taken from a moving car. After a few brief clips of pedestrians on sidewalks and a few building facades, the camera settles on a fixed shot for a few seconds of the car's windshield, wipers beating rhythmically, driver's face reflected in the rearview mirror (an older man wearing glasses). 

The next sequence is of a quiet residential neighborhood, captured through shots of icicles overhanging gutters, and evergreen trees with branches sagging from the weight of snow. The camera depicts moderate traffic on a smaller street during the snowstorm from the side of a road, then returns to the passenger seat of the car as they pass through a toll booth and under an interstate sign showing the way to Chicago. 
Main Credits
Koza, Frank (is filmmaker)
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Indiana (represents)