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Stock Show Opens Neg. Trims

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-1170
Run Time
0h 7m 2s
Date Produced
Snippets of a news report depicting scenes of preparation for the 1957 Chicago International Livestock Exposition. 

The first five minutes are silent, but audio can be clearly heard throughout the remainder of the film. 
The film begins depicting footage of horseback riding in a stadium, followed by owners grooming their cattle ahead of the stock show competition. Some individuals are holding signs; notably Walter Ruby, the owner of Evergreen Hill Farms in Madisonville, KY. 

A news reporter looking to the camera is sharing the events at hand (no audio can be heard in this section), most of which seem to be the dress rehearsals for the opening ceremony. This is followed by more footage of cattle being offloaded trucks and subsequently led into a barn just behind the stadium. Audio appears in last two minutes of the film. 

The rest of outtake is devoted to capturing the ceremonial rehearsals for the opening of the show featuring horses; music can be heard in background.
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