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Chicago---Cindy Lou, Prize cow visits 1st grade class room, Francis Parker School Sil. Neg. trims 11-29-60

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-1167
Run Time
0h 5m 13s
Date Produced
Silent outtakes from a new "human interest" story, showing a farmer bringing prize cow Cindy Lou to a first-grade classroom. 
A man - presumably a farmer - is shown walking in the snow on school grounds with the cow, accosted by reporters. He then brings Cindy Lou into the classroom. The teacher starts her lesson, asking the farmer questions, as the children listen attentively. A chart behind the teacher clearly shows an arithmetic-based lesson plan about cow's milk. The farmer is then captured milking the cow before the classroom; hay strewn beneath him and Cindy Lou in an effort to safeguard the floors. The children are transfixed by the demonstration, and go up to pet the cow, asking the farmer more questions. Reporters can be seen in the background taking pictures. 

The final shot shows the cross streets where the Francis Parker School is located, at W. Webster Ave and North Clark. 
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