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Kennedy in Illinois

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-0776
Run Time
0h 1m 42s
Date Produced
October 25 1960
Newsreel of John F. Kennedy speaking to a large crowd of supporters at the Meadowdale Shopping Center in Carpentersville, Illinois on October 25, 1960 during his campaign for president.
Telenews titlecard reads "ILLINOIS." Kennedy arrives via convertible and shakes hands with supporters. Though most of the film does not have audio, we hear him speak about education and the need to increase teachers' salaries at the end of the clip. Speaking of Republican candidate for president Richard Nixon, he says "after speaking about the need two weeks before for well paid teachers, he cast the deciding vote in the United States Senate against the bill which would have provided aid for teachers salaries. These are the problems that we have to meet. We build roads, we build homes, we also need schools. I want to make it very clear that one of those areas where we are going to act, and this is only one of the areas that need action, will be in the field of education."
Telenews (Firm)
Main Credits
Koza, Frank (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Kennedy, John F. (is participant)
Related Place
Carpentersville (represents)