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Columbian Coffee Ship Neg.

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-0707
Run Time
0h 4m 29s
Date Produced
circa 1960
Bags of coffee are delivered to Chicago on a large cargo ship.
Bags of coffee beans are lowered from a large ship labeled "MORMACPRIDE," loaded onto a cart, and driven into a warehouse. Two men in hats retrieve a handful of beans from a bag labeled "BRASIL - CAFÉ - ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO - SANTO 90 - CHICAGO." The two men drink from small coffee cups next to the cargo ship. Aerial shot of workers tying the bags together below deck. A smoking man directs the men with a wave of his hand. Interior shot of three men drinking coffee while standing behind a large cake that has "WELCOME TO 'CHICAGO'" written on it and a miniature ship on top. The room fills with more coffee-drinking guests.
Main Credits
Koza, Frank (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Chicago (represents)