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Cameramen at Work

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-0530
Run Time
0h 13m 56s
Date Produced
circa 1956
An assortment of footage of various newsreel camera operators working; includes two stories featuring President Harry S. Truman.
Telenews titlecard reads "People in the News." Long shot of a framed certificate that reads "Presented to Harry S. Truman (The Photographers' Best Friend). In appreciation of his congenial cooperation and sincere understanding of the photographers' problems while he was President of the United States and now as just plain Harry S. Truman, citizen of Independence, Missouri. We photographers will always remember the man who takes pleasure in giving us 'just one more.' The Chicago Press Photographers Association. July [?] 1956." Truman is presented with the award as numerous camera operators and photographers record the event. Frank Koza can be seen filming the occasion while smoking a cigarette. Truman smiles and speaks into a microphone, though the audio has not been captured on this reel.

At a seemingly unrelated event, a man in clerical garb is filmed speaking from a desk. Now on a train, a group of men and women (including Roland Koza) goof around. In a large fluorescently-lit room, a cameraman sets up his equipment, measuring distances from his camera and focusing the lens. Now outside, a different man with a handheld 16mm camera pulls and films a slot machine. Exterior footage of a cameraman filming men working on an Aerobee Hi missile. Street sign for Independence, MO. city limits followed by several shots of Harry Truman's home at 219 North Delaware Street (now a National Historic Site). Truman, First Lady Bess, and four others stand in front of the Victorian home. Camera operators pack up their gear into cars.

Now at Arlington Park, Koza (smoking again) and other cameramen gather to film the horse races. They employ a wide range of 16 and 35mm camera models for various broadcast networks. High above the racetrack, the cameramen adjust their cameras on their tripods, replace their film cartidges, and record the action. They are filmed in fast-motion as they pack up.

Next, Roland and Thomas Koza smoke, drink, and shoot 16mm film in a garden. Like older brother Frank, Roland and Thomas also worked in the motion picture industry.
Main Credits
Koza, Frank (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Truman, Harry S. (is participant)
Koza, Roland (is participant)
Koza, Thomas (is participant)
Koza, Frank (is participant)
Related Places
Chicago (represents)
Independence (represents)
Arlington Heights (represents)