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[Nudist Camp]

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-0477
Run Time
0h 4m 28s
Date Produced
circa 1948
Untitled silent 35mm film depicting an outdoor nudist gathering in the late 1940s. Scenes of nudists playing volleyball, swimming, talking to the police, and performing skits. The location of production remains unknown, though Lake O' the Woods in northwestern Indiana seems likely.

This film has been held from streaming due to sensitive content and to protect the privacy of individuals depicted in the film. Researchers interested in viewing the film are encouraged to contact CFA directly at
Black-and-white footage of a large group of men and women — all nude — sitting theater-style outdoors facing a cabin-like structure. A man and a woman work under the hood of a car. A group of nude middle-aged men talk with a policeman and a young man wearing a "Eighth Division U.S. Army" t-shirt. One of the men is holding a pile of papers. 

Nude men and women gather around an outdoor bar. Men and women holding still photography cameras photograph a seated woman. Two women explore what appears to be a construction site on the camp. The women then play volleyball. Women and children swim in a lake.

A large group of men, women, and children, many holding still cameras, watch a man and women on a stage as a man puts paper crowns on their heads. The crowd applauds. A group of men continue to talk to a police officer. Clothed men in a motorboat pass by on the lake. A woman swings on a rope swing while a man sunbathes. Shot of a sign reading "PHOTOGRAPHERS do not take pictures unless ALL subjects are willing. If you wish to stay here — OBEY THIS LAW." Shots of a small child playing with a ball.

The man and woman who had previously been crowned are now wearing sheer capes. The woman addresses the crowd. The two women who had been playing volleyball adjust the score wheel. Men and women in sheets styled like togas perform a skit. One of the women cleans a man's feet. A man dressed as a police officer pretends to arrest a woman wearing a decorated paper bag adorned with cupcake holders. A woman adjusts the tie on a scarecrow. A bearded man wears a sign that has "UNFAIR TO BARBERS UNION" written on it. He shakes hands with a man wearing a bikini top and sunglasses.

Men and women gather at a lunch counter where packaged sandwiches have been piled. Shots of a dog wagging its tail and barking. Shot of several long tables which have been set for a feast. Shot inside the kitchen followed by a shot of a woman on a swing.
Main Credits
Koza, Frank (is filmmaker)