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Winnebagoland Marathon

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-0251
Run Time
0h 13m 52s
Date Produced
Motorboats compete in the 5th annual Milwaukee Sentinel Winnebagoland Outboard Marathon in 1953.
Title cards read "Kiekhaefe Mercury Outboard Motors presents the 1953 Milwaukee Sentinel Winnebagoland Outboard Marathon."

The film begins at Riverside Park in Neenah, WI, where 7000 spectators have gathered to watch the marathon. A male announcer recounts the scene. Two-hundred-seventy-four racers ride A, B, C and D classified motor boats through 92 miles of turbulent waters. Aerial shots show the racers heading down Lake Winnebago towards Oshkosh as the excited voice over calls the race "the Kentucky Derby of the outboards." From Oshkosh, the boats race up Lake Butte de Morts and the Wolf River into Lake Winneconne. Entering Lake Poygan, the racers take the Wolf River into Fremont and then reverse the route. The winner is interviewed: he completed the marathon in 1 hour and 47 minutes, a new record.

The race was sponsored by the Milwaukee Sentinel and Neenah Menasha Chamber of Commerce, with cooperation of the Wisconsin Stock Utility Outboard Racing Association, and sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association. 
Main Credit
Milwaukee Sentinel (corporate name)
Neenah Menasha Chamber Of Commerce (corporate name)
Mercury Outboard Motors (corporate name)
Camp, Jack (is director)
Related Places
Neenah (represents)
Oshkosh (represents)
Wolf River (represents)